Adding LewdBot

To add LewdBot to your server, use one of the links below. No permissions are required, however, some features (like Moderation) require extra permissions.
Always make sure you are adding the correct bot. LewdBot has ID 119482224713269248 and is named Lindsey#2249
All Features
Music Only

Using a custom prefix

LewdBot has L! as it's default prefix, if you want to change that, check out the documentation on the prefix command.

Advanced Configuration

LewdBot is full of features and you may want to configure some, most configuration work is done via Permissions (Restricting commands to specific roles) but some are also done via the Settings command.
To read more about permissions:
To read more about advanced configuration:

Getting help

If you need help with LewdBot, you can reach us via our Support Guild or search within this documentation.
Last modified 8mo ago