This command allows server admins to configure permissions on a role-by-role basis. With this feature you can create roles such as DJ and Moderator that have specific LewdBot permissions.






If you want to edit permissions for default members (no roles) use everyone as the role name.


1 - Help


This will make LewdBot send a help block with the description about this command along with all it's available usages.

2 - Listing all available permissions

L!perms list

To view a list of all available permissions you can use the list subcommand or visit the List of Permissions page.

3 - Listing permissions for a role

L!perms get <role>

By using the get command along with specifying a role you will be presented with a list of all permissions that are defined for that role (and their ALLOW/DENY status).

Please note that permissions which have default values will not be displayed.

4 - Resetting a role

L!perms reset <role>

By using the reset command along with specifying a role, LewdBot will delete all permission configurations for that role (revert to default).

5 - Removing a node

L!perms clear <role> <node>

By using the reset command and specifying a role and a node, LewdBot will remove that specific permission configuration for that role (revert to default).

6 - Defining permissions

L!perms set <role> <node> <allow/deny>

By using the set command, along with specifying a role, a node and a status, LewdBot will create (or update) the configuration of that role for that node.

In other words, if you use L!perms set everyone CMD_CONNECT deny you will block all members from making LewdBot joining a voice channel.

Permission calculation is hierarchical, so if a member has a role that denies a permission but a role that allows it above, the member will be able to use the command.